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Тикер ADX
Дата запуска ICO


840 дней назад

Дата окончания ICO


840 дней назад



Blockchain Startup AdEx, a Decentralized Ad Platform Developer to Launch a Token Sale

by Richard Kastelein on Blockchain News

Stremio Selects WINGS DAO Management Platform for the AdEx Crowdfunding Campaign




Allesya Ivanova - Graphic designer

Dimo Stoyanov - Cofounder

Ivo Georgiev - Cofounder

Ivo Paunov - Developer

Shteryana Shopova - Security Expert

Vanina Ivanova - Marketing & Ad tech

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To get your tokens, please refer to the guide we published:… 31-07-2017

ADX Tokens Already Listed for Trading on Exchanges [UPDATED] 31-07-2017

ADX Tokens Already Listed for Trading on Exchanges 31-07-2017

Bounty Distribution: Completed 31-07-2017

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The AdEx Bounty Campaign is now over and bounty is distributed: #AdEx #BountyCampaign 31-07-2017 15:07:14

We are very happy to be featured in the first issue of @ICOcrowd magazine! #Blockchain #ICOCrowdMagazine 31-07-2017 15:07:14

In case you have missed it - ADX tokens are now tradable on @BittrexExchange! #ADX #Bittrex #CurrencyExchange 31-07-2017 15:07:14

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A quick update: the bounty distribution is now completed. If you have participated in the campaign as a bounty hunter, please check your wallet to verify that you have received your tokens.If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our bounty campaign manager irfan_pak10 on 31-07-2017 15:07:14

Read an article about AdEx in the very first issue of ICO Crowd magazine! 31-07-2017 15:07:14

We have great news for the AdEx community members: ADX tokens are now tradable on on Bittrex. The AdEx tokens are listed on the exchange: 31-07-2017 15:07:14

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