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Тикер EVX
Дата запуска ICO


2493 дня назад

Дата окончания ICO


2425 дней назад


Создание глобальной, всеобъемлющей экономики с микро-финансированием на основе технологии блокчейн и сервисами денежных переводов. EVEREX - это молодой технологический стартап в блокчейн-пространстве, с соответствующей бизнес-моделью и командой, которая прекрасно разбирается в сложностях международного микро-финансирования.


Everex Announces Mobile Blockchain-powered Microfinance And Fiat Transfer Platform - Blockchain News

by www.the-blockchain.com

ICO Analysis: Everex Capital Transfer System | Hacked: Hacking Finance

by hacked.com

Everex ICO Presales is happening very soon. Keep an eye on this ICO — Steemit

by steemit.com



Alexander Kakunov - CTO, Co-founder

Alexi Lane - CEO, Founder

Anastasia Khizhnyakova - Marketing

Anton Dzyatkovskii - Microlending Director

Artem Kolesnikov - Lead Engineer

Dimitriy Karpenko - Country Representative, Russia

Harry Ye Kyaw - Country Representative, MM

Jacquiline Romorosa - Business Analyst

Jean-Baptiste Decorzent - Inclusive Finance Director

Страна происхождения Singapore


Блокчейн Ethereum (Что такое blockchain?)


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Chainy has been succesfully integrated to the RSK Testnet! 30-07-2017

Everex Bounty and Link Referral Campaigns Are Now Open! 09-08-2017

Everex’s Ethereum-powered fiat currency smart contracts are a perfect fit for Islamic finance 07-08-2017

EVX Presale: 24 Hours Remaining for Contribution Bonus 29-07-2017

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Everex Bounty Campaign Now Open! Help us spread the word about #Everex and you will receive a stake every week! https://t.co/xDLAMK0FeG 09-08-2017 12:36:07

We have FOUR more days until the launch of the EVX #TokenSale! Sign up on our website: https://t.co/qUqqwbf6oR to p… https://t.co/tsXKwvoQab 11-08-2017 20:36:07

RT @validitylabs: #WhiteHatGroup counter-attacked and rescued 377k ETH + tokens from multisig wallets which will be reimbursed. Here: https… 11-08-2017 20:36:07

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Everex plans ICO to build Ethereum-powered Shariah compliant financial capabilities. Everex has so far raised US$3 million from private investors and will open its ICO to the public this month in the hope of raising it to US15$ million to develop microfinancing services. Read more at https://blog.everex.io/everexs-ethereum-powered-fiat-currency-smart-contracts-are-a-perfect-fit-for-islamic-finance-a616833961bc Make sure not to miss forthcoming announcements by joining us on Telegram: https://t.me/everexio More information on the Everex Token Sale are available at www.everex.io #ICO #crowdsale #exchange #islamicfinance #microfinance #blockchain 07-08-2017 12:36:07

Everex would like to thank everyone for supporting the project! Everex has set aside 1 million EVX tokens to promote community engagement and give back to the ecosystem. Help us spread the word about EVEREX and you will receive a stake every week! Here's the list of open social media outreach bounties that will reward our community pursuing their interests and continued support. #ICO #crowdsale #exchange #blockchain #bounty #community #Everex https://blog.everex.io/everex-bounty-campaign-now-open-ad955e8f238 09-08-2017 12:36:07

Here's our newsletter of 7/20/17, announcing our bounty and referral campaigns are now LIVE! Earn #EVX tokens multiple different platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and much more! Coming up in FOUR days (7/24/2017), we are launching the official Everex Token Sale! Stay tuned for more updates and discussion on the project! Token Sale Sign-Up: http://www.everex.io/ Newsletter: http://mailchi.mp/everex/everex-bounty-and-referral-campaigns-announcement?e=debc31f5e7 #ICO #crowdsale #exchange #blockchain #bounty #community #Everex 11-08-2017 21:36:07

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