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2586 дней назад

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2586 дней назад



Distributed Cloud Platform attracts $12M in Three Hours in ICO

by Richard Kastelein on Blockchain News

Smashing Success for ICO

by Jeremy Nation on ETHNews

ICO Report:

by CoinTelegraph by Guest Author on CoinTelegraph

Blockchain Cloud Computing Platform Talks About Future of Internet In Its First Whitepaper – CoinSpeaker


How blockchain can create the world’s biggest supercomputer | TechCrunch




Agnès Fedak - Press, Video & Community Manager

Cathy Lee - Director of operations in China Mainland

Esther Shi - New Media Expert in China Mainland

Gilles Fedak - CEO, Co-founder

Haiwu He - Chief Scientist, Co-founder

Hamid Ben - Blockchain Expert

Heithem Abbes - Energy Positive Server

José Francisco Saray - Data Management Expert

Julien Béranger - Communication & Content

Mehdi Amari - Blockchain Developer

Mircea Moca - Business Developer,Fintech Expert

Oleg Lodygensky - Technical Leader

Страна происхождения France


Блокчейн Ethereum (Что такое blockchain?)


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iExec joins Enterprise Ethereum Alliance 31-07-2017

ETHNews reporting on iExec and EEA 31-07-2017 press release continues with CoinTelegraph 31-07-2017

A french article about in the local newspaper “Le Progrès” at Lyon ! 31-07-2017

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#Lyon @leprogreslyon #startup @LyonFrenchTech #fintech #OnlyLyon @inria #enslyon Article sur iExec 31-07-2017 16:49:29

An article about #iexec in the local newspaper @leprogreslyon 31-07-2017 16:49:29 press release continues with @Cointelegraph #mainstreammedia #iexec #blockchain #Ethereum #EEA $RLC 31-07-2017 16:49:29

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iExec has joined the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (#EEA).iExec CEO and co-founder Gilles Fedak explained the mutual benefits for EEA and iExec:"The simple truth is that centralized cloud services are falling behind current demand for computing resources. The iExec team knows this through our work at the leading edge of distributed and cloud computing. With Ethereum we see how a new paradigm of cloud computing is not just possible but absolutely essential, to meet the current needs of cloud SaaS, PaaS and IaaS markets, and to meet the needs of the next wave of innovation such as High Performance Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Blockchain Computing and other forms of distributed business."Read more : 31-07-2017 16:49:29 press release continues with CoinTelegraph ! 31-07-2017 16:49:29

A french article about in the local newspaper "Le Progrès" at Lyon ! 31-07-2017 16:49:29

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