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Тикер LKK
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1608 дней назад

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1608 дней назад



Lykke analysis by TokenMarket

by Gavin Knight

Nick Gogerty Joins the Lykke Team as Chief Strategist

by Richard Kastelein on Blockchain News

Lykke Token Sale: a colored coin exchange platform - Smith + Crown


Lykke Announces OEM Services – Lykke Accelerator

by Richard Kastelein on Blockchain News

Lykke Announces Availability of Blockchain Startup ChronoBank TIME Token

by Richard Kastelein on Blockchain News

Lykke Crowdfunding – One -year Lykke Forward Offering

by Richard Kastelein on Blockchain News

Swiss blockchain firm Lykke announces ICO - EconoTimes




Andrey Migin - Software Development

Anton Golub - Science

Arseniy Steblyuk - Risk Management

Lena Mechenkova - Communications

Michael Nikulin - Technology

Richard Olsen - CEO

Sergey Ivliev - Products & Operations

Shahpour Moavenat - Blockchain

Thomas Birrer - Finance

Страна происхождения Switzerland


Блокчейн Bitcoin (Что такое blockchain?)


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lykketimes 31-07-2017

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Swiss #Crowdlending #Fintech Opts for #Blockchain, @LykkeCity can help @finews_ch 31-07-2017 17:01:38

RT @KolesCoinNews: #KCN @LykkeCity named one of the Top 50 #blockchain startups 2017 @cex_io… 31-07-2017 17:01:38

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To Lykke Support Team : We can only deposit and not able to send them out ?Please clarify. I need to send some out now. 31-07-2017 17:01:38

How can we make the banks more friendly to new technology? There's an interesting video piece from Saint-Petersburg economic forum: Demetriu's Zamboglou from Lykke asks Dmitry Pankin, chairman of the management board, Eurasian Bank of Development, about possible ways of cooperation between fintech companies and banking system. Se the answer in the video. 31-07-2017 17:01:38

Hi Lykkenauts! Have a look at what's going on in #LykkeStreams! Some new icon #design there. 31-07-2017 17:01:38

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