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1884 дня назад

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1852 дня назад


YPTOspace takes what are currently separate services – bank accounts, online casinos, exchanges, trading, investment and so on – and unifies them into a single "Digital Asset Ecosystem." It is a comprehensive and democratic financial ecosystem service platform. How does the project create value to the ecosystem The project brings several advantages to the users. Nowadays, people use crypto in several disperse tools, for trading, betting, paying, and much more. The idea is to bring a solution with all these tools in the same platform. YPTOspace will also introduce a tool to make instant payments with no fees. The fees in YPTOspace trading tool will be the lowest worldwide. YPTOspace will include an online sports betting and casino that will work only with Bitcoin allowing users from any country to bet and have fun. We also have an affiliation system that will central to any tool used. YPTOspace will be giving up to 28% of the profits to the affiliation program. How does YPTO token increase in value From a short term perspective: People buying the coin in the first phase, at 0,01$ per coin, will be able to resell the coin easily at more than the double of the price as the average price of the coin post ico will be around 0,25$ at least. This will be possible only some weeks after the ico as the coin will be traded on TradeYPTO our own exchange platform. From a long term perspective: YPTOcoin will be used through the whole trading and payment system making it be one of the biggest coin in terms of market cap in the next months. Services from the platform like Bankypto, Cardypto, botypto or other will be purchased in YPTOcoin so the purchase of the coin will be needed to access services increasing automatically it’s value from the demand.



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